Answers for Frequently Asked Questions

? Working hours

Ваша заявка в обработке

● Статус заявки автоматически изменится, когда мы отправим вам средства
● Обрабатываем от 5 до 40 минут с момента получения нами средств. В случаях, если направление подразумевает отправку криптовалюты с биржи, обмен может осуществляться до 120 минут.
● Статус не сменился в течение часа? Проверьте почту - возможно, мы ждем ответ

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? Do you have to register to make an exchange?

You do not need to register to make an exchange. It happens automatically when you create your first request. You will receive the login data to your COINDROP account at the email address you provided when you applied for the exchange. If the login data did not come, check your spam folder. If you can't log in with the data that came to the email, try to use the “Forgot your password” form, previously clearing the cache in your browser.

? How to restore your login password?

Step 1: click "Login", then click "Forgot password" and then click "restore"; step 2: provide e-mail you have used for registration; step 3: you will receive an e-mail with a link inside. Please follow the link to restore the password.

? How long does the exchange process take?

Processing speed is 5-40 minutes from receipt of your payment request (time may vary depending on the destination). Any cryptocurrency transfer goes to the miners for confirmation first. The speed of the confirmation depends on the load on the network.

? Minimum exchange amount

The minimum exchange amount for a particular exchange destination shall be displayed on the exchange page in the yellow field. Information will be displayed once you have selected the destinations you are interested in! Note that we will not be able to exchange any amounts below the minimum exchange amount set for the chosen direction. We'll change larger amounts according to the current exchange rate, which you can also find on the home page.

? How can I track the execution of my exchange?

The status of the trade can be found in your Personal account in "My trades". In addition, information on the status of the trade will be automatically sent to the e-mail address that you provided.

? Is it possible to cancel the exchange?

If the trade has been processed, the funds will not be returned. If the trade was paid, but was not executed, please the contact the operator (chat button in the lower right corner of the site). You will be able to return the funds except for transfer fee.

? Partners program

Detailed information is provided in Partners.

? Is the exchange rate fixed?

The rate is fixed for twenty minutes when you create the request. Another five minutes are given for verification when necessary. In total, if you are changing for the first time, the exchange rate will be fixed for twenty-five minutes. The “Cash/Cryptocurrency” exchange rate is not fixed and is calculated upon arrival of the customer to the office for exchange. The “Cash/Cryptocurrency” exchange rate is fixed in cases where the customer agrees to send the cryptocurrency to the wallet of the exchange service in advance, before the visit to the office. In this case, the exchange service operator will provide the customer with a wallet to transfer the cryptocurrency, as well as send a fixed rate at the moment of receipt of the cryptocurrency.

? Guarantee and liability

The exchange service coindrop.trade shall be financially liable to the customer in the amount, which has been transferred to the exchange service coindrop.trade by the customer during the fulfillment of the open exchange request. We have tens of thousands of positive feedbacks on BestChange and other reputable monitors. We have been working since 2019. We're the kind of service that people keep coming back to again.

? Verification Rules

We will ask you for verification if the exchange involves a transfer of funds from your bank card to ours. Verification will be requested after you fill in the form on the homepage and click on "Start exchange". We verify both plastic and virtual cards. Verification requires only one photo of the card/banking app against the background of the exchanger's page.

? Reasons for cancelling a request

A request may be cancelled if:

1. We have not received funds from you on the request, or we have received funds late when the request has already been cancelled.
2. You have given incorrect details for funds transfer.
3. You didn't confirm payment by pressing button and the request was cancelled automatically.
4. You canceled the request manually.
5. You haven't been verified.

Check out the common reasons for cancellation, correct possible violations and create the request again.

? How to make an exchange?

To make an exchange you need to go to the home page:

1. Under the “Send" tab select what you want to give away;
2. Under the “Receive” tab you select what you want to receive;
3. Under the “Your details” tab you fill in the required fields;
4. Press “Start exchange”, then a request will be created;
5. Transfer funds to the details specified in the request and click “I have paid”.
6. After the request is processed you will receive the cryptocurrency/cash;
7. Provide positive feedback on the monitoring

? Money for feedback

The four winners share the prize fund of 10000 roubles to their wallets every month. Drawing is taking place on continuing basis. Results are summed up on the last day of every month. The winners are chosen by a random number generator. After summing up the results, we contact the winners by mail and give them the winnings.

? How to Transfer Funds to Us

Cryptocurrency Transfer: After creating an order, you will receive an address for cryptocurrency transfer. You send the cryptocurrency and confirm the payment, and we monitor the transaction. After the required number of network confirmations, we transfer the funds to your card/wallet.
Rubles Transfer: To begin, verify your card directly in the exchange order. If the card is already verified, transfer the amount according to the order to the card specified on the exchange page. Afterward, confirm the payment by pressing the button in the order. As soon as we notice the funds, we will immediately send the currency to the wallet/card you specified.

? AML policy

We verify customers' cryptocurrency wallets using the popular amlbot service. If a customer has indicated a wallet in the exchange request, which, according to AML verification, has any relation to high risk resources, the service has the right to terminate the relationship with such a customer unilaterally and cancel his/her exchange request. In this case, the funds received from the customer will be returned to him/her within seven days of their receipt. In that case, our exchange service will deduct a 10% (ten percent) fee from the amount sent by the customer to the coindrop.trade exchange service. If you doubt that your cryptocurrency wallet is “clean”, check it yourself through the amlbot service before exchanging.

? Where will the money come from to the ruble card

You will receive the transfer to the same bank card that you specified in the exchange application. For example, if you specified Sberbank card, you will receive the money from the Sberbank card.

? Exchange fee

The exchange service fee for the service is already included in the total amount of exchange, is displayed in the request and confirmed by the user by creating the request and/or transferring funds to the coindrop.trade exchange service. If the user is not satisfied with the fee, he/she can cancel the request himself/herself without contacting the technical support of the service.

? Exchange Below Minimum Amount

Exchange Below Minimum Amount is Not Possible. We would be glad to assist you with an exchange amount that meets the minimum requirement.

? How to contact us

To contact us, you can open the bot in the bottom right corner. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]. For business proposals, please use [email protected].

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