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Facts on Cyber Security

Things nowadays are much easier than they used to be in the past, we can pay services in the click of a button, exchange important information between continents in only a matter of seconds and communicate our ideas and thoughts whenever we want to in different ways. Today you can read your newspaper from the internet, check for directions from google maps, post our pictures in social media pages among other things, technology has made things much more fun.

With great power comes great responsibility and some people have used this responsibility in the wrong way, some people have used the same technology to do bad things that will benefit them. Nowadays thieves will steal from you because they know a lot about you from the pictures and personal information that you post on social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook.

There many risks that are involved and that’s why necessary security to be implemented so that everybody can be safe. When your passwords are accessed by the wrong people then it is apparent that you will lose your personal and confidential data and some people make this happen by writing their passwords on paper which is easily seen by wandering eyes.

People need to stay connected to the internet to do most of their work and public Wi-Fi is a cheap way to do so but it is also a trap that is set by data thieves who gain access to your accounts and data when you are connected to that network so be sure to avoid it unless you have a VPN. Do not connect a USB drive that you do not know the source because it may be a plot to steal sensate information from you or it may be designed to destroy your computer systems.

Some cyber attackers use different techniques, they steal all your sensitive data and information and then demand you pay up ransom money or else they delete that information which can easily be avoided if you back up all you important information regularly. Having employees that are trained thus know all there is to know about keeping a safe environment then you will not have to worry about cyber attackers who might want to take advantage.

When you are using shared networks it is advisable that you use on screen keyboards which hackers cannot access with tools that record keystrokes and later allow them to gain access to your system. Passwords are very crucial security measures and they can only serve their purpose if you make them strong enough, you a lot of combinations and you can get security services to help you set ones that are not easy to breach. Change your passwords regularly and it will be hard to crack them.

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